Peterborough and Lakefield

Andrew Marshall has lived and worked in the Peterborough area for over 10 years. He went to university here, convinced his wife to settle down and raise a family here, and he’s built a large network of trusted colleagues in various  businesses around town. Andrew can help you:

  • Recognize the pros and cons of the various neighbourhoods and school districts
  • Understand what could be upgraded or repaired in order to buy or sell your home
  • Make a plan for the best time to buy or sell
  • Connect with the community and learn about all the cultural and recreational activities the area has to offer
  • Identify opportunities to retrofit your home in order to conserve energy and water
  • Network with local, certified energy advisors, water efficiency experts, solar energy installers, and geothermal/radiant heating contractors

Andrew is passionate about Peterborough, Lakefield and the surrounding communities. He knows all about what makes them great. He can help you buy or sell your home, while providing sound advice and guidance along the way.

Map of Listings Near Peterborough & Lakefield